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 char·​i·​ty | \ ˈcher-ə-tē, ˈcha-rə- \

an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.


\ ˈbär \

a room or establishment where alcoholic drinks and sometimes food are served. 

We select four Houston-based, 501(c)3 non-profits we believe significantly impact our local community to be one of four featured nominees.  Each time you purchase a drink or food item, you receive a ticket to vote for one of these charities.  All of the charities win a portion of the proceeds from the bar! Donations are made biannually to all the participants. The charities benefit from increased awareness about their efforts (perhaps you haven’t heard of them before) and financial support - simply by YOU having a drink at a bar.

Interested in becoming a beneficiary? Click here

meet the owner

Mary ellen angel

When master distillers age spirits for years in barrels, a portion of the liquid evaporates into the air of the rickhouse. This is called the angel's share.  A play on the whiskey term and Mary Ellen's last name, Angel Share HTX aims to share the profits of the bar with the community that surrounds it.


"In this world we live in, why not spread some JOY and take care of one another?  We're all we've got." 

Mary Ellen takes pride in working with Houston non-profits to raise awareness for their causes while creating a great place to work for the bar staff, whom have been with her for years.  She strives to cultivate a beautifulwelcoming space for everyone to enjoy giving back to their community.  

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